How is this free?

We want to be transparent and accountable to you, our card-carrying customers. Let’s take a look at how we work — and how you benefit.

  • A look behind the scenes

  • It starts when you pick up a prescription

    When you use your free RefillWise discount card at the pharmacy, the pharmacist submits your card information and accesses our discounted price list.

  • How we offer better prices

    RefillWise negotiates with all major pharmacies across the nation to offer the best prescription prices for you. How are we able to do that? There is strength in numbers. RefillWise has a proven track record helping millions of discount card users and, collectively, we get better prices.

  • How we’re paid

    Just as a credit card company collects a transaction fee from the merchant each time you use their card, we collect a small fee from the pharmacy each time you use your RefillWise card. As a result, you can save and get the best price on your prescriptions at absolutely no cost to you.

  • How we offer rewards

    And just as a credit card company offers cash back, we offer points and rewards to our discount card users. We give back a portion of the fee we collect from the pharmacy on to you.

  • We only get paid when you use your savings card

    Using your RefillWise card helps us collectively get better prices for all RefillWise users. How? Each time you use your RefillWise pharmacy discount card, we’re paid. In return, you have access to savings and rewards at absolutely no cost to you.

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