The pharmacy discount card
that rewards you

Where is RefillWise accepted?

  • All major retail pharmacies
  • Some independent pharmacies

How is RefillWise free?

  • With nearly a million active members, we collectively get better drug prices.
  • When you pick up a prescription with RefillWise, the pharmacy pays us a small fee.
  • Part of that fee is rewarded back to you as a thank you for being a member.

Who can join

Anyone living in the United States — even your family pet!

When would I use RefillWise?

  • When you fill any prescription — our price could beat your insurance copay.
  • When health insurance doesn't cover the prescription you need.
  • When you're uninsured and need to fill a prescription.

Can I use this with insurance?

RefillWise doesn’t work with insurance, but you can ask your pharmacist to price-check both separately. You’d be surprised at how much you can save!